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Fees & Charges

Details of fees and charges

Searches for cheques in archives €15.24 each
Copies of cheques not in archives €0.63 each


Regular statements Nil
Duplicate and specially requested statements Nil
Certificate of Interest Nil
Status enquiries €6.35

Other account fees

Various fees and charges apply specifically to certain facilities and services. The following charges apply to a range of the products and services which are available from ACC Loan Management.

Business banking

Commercial mortgages Negotiable handling charge
Guarantee facilities Negotiable fee
Between 0 – 2% (per annum)
Performance bond facilities Negotiable fee
Between 0 – 3% (per annum)


Where a repayment is not made to a loan account on the due date, an interest
surcharge will apply to the amount in arrears. The rate of interest applicable is
as follows:

Personal Fixed Rate Loans 1.5% per month
All other loans 0.5% per month

Security fees for secured borrowings

Charges to discharge, release or vacate a security €44.44
Processing the re-assignment of a policy €44.44
Release title deeds on accountable trust receipt Min €25.39
Max €63.49
Searches and enquires into archives Min €25.39
Max €63.49

Foreign currency charges

Foreign currency spread 7%

For fees and charges which are negotiable, you should contact us on LoCall 1850 708888.