Account Closures / Discontinued Products

ACC Loan Management DAC (ACC Loan Management or ACCLM) was formerly known as ACC Bank plc. During 2014 we returned our banking license to the Central Bank of Ireland and changed the company name to ACC Loan Management. At that time we withdrew from providing standard banking products such as current and savings accounts and focused on managing our existing client's lending facilities.
On 17 December 2018 (‘the Transfer Date’), ACCLM transferred the ownership of its loan portfolio (the ‘Acquired Loans’) to Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A. trading as Rabobank.

Deposit/Current Accounts
If you previously held a deposit account or current with ACCBank and did not hear from them, it may be that they were unable to establish a current address or other means of contacting you or you did not get back to us. As part of the withdrawal of certain banking services, all deposit accounts and current accounts with credit balances have now been closed. Any residual balances, i.e. monies that could not be returned to customers, are being held in trust until former customers reclaim their funds. If you think that you are affected by any of the foregoing, please contact us to discuss this matter. Also, please be aware that when you do contact us, it is a requirement that you are able to identify yourself to us. Please click here to view more details about ID Requirements.

Bank Drafts
If you are the holder of an uncashed ACCBank Bank Draft it can not be processed directly through the Irish Banking network and you will need to contact us about this. Please note that you may need to provide proof of identification and BIC and IBAN details for a nominated account in your name in order to receive these funds. View or download the Bank Draft Encashment form here.